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Brand: GC Model: 200012
( GC Fuji plus 50 capsules (Resin modified glass inomar luting cement ..
S.R 500
Brand: GC Model: 200010
(GC Equa - (self-dhesive bulk fill posterior restoretive    50capsules ..
S.R 500
Brand: GC Model: 200011
(GC Equa - (self-dhesive bulk fill posterior restoretive   10gm..
S.R 72
Brand: GC Model: 002278
GRADIA DIRECT Flo is a light-cured, highly flowable composite. Designed to be used in combination with GRADIA DIRECT, its physical properties, flow characteristics and direct application make this material ideal as a liner under composite restorations. GRADIA DIRECT Flo’s non-sticky formula sha..
S.R 144
Brand: GC Model: 002289
GRADIA DIRECT LoFlo is a light-cured, high viscosity flowable microfilled hybrid composite for simple restorations. GRADIA DIRECT LoFlo has 55% lower shrinkage than the leading flowable composite on the market, yet wears like a universal composite. This is a low shrinking, highly wear-resistant..
S.R 144
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