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In Azsupply you can find all the necessary products in the process of realizing endodontics such as brushes, condensers, cutters, dies, elastics, stretchers, spacers, endodontic files (c-pilot files, hedstroem files, K files, k-colorinox files , K-flex files, k3 files, mtwo files, profile files, protaper files, wave one files ...), guttaprercha tips, paper sticks, ultrasonic tips, milling cutters, cutters, handpieces, Rubber bands, silicone bumpers ....

Endodontics , also known as root canal treatment, is the procedure used to remove - in part or in full - the pulp of the tooth and seal the pulpal canal. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth and consists of a soft tissue that contains the nerves and blood vessels. The part of the canal that is inside the crown is called the pulp cavity, while the one corresponding to the root is called the reticular canal and is the one that connects with the maxillary bone.

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